Dating For Seniors Review

Overview of is an Over 40 online dating site. It is a pretty standard site and uses Messaging Video Chat, and some social media features to get their members chatting and dating. The best feature is the Smart Match tool they have to help you find a good match without having to sort through all the profiles. This tech uses your search history, activity on the site, and the interests you put in your profile to match you with compatible users. You still have the option to search by category if you want to find a specific match. It can be hard to find senior matches on regular dating sites or people who are willing to date older people. This site has a lot of members, and they seem to be very active around the clock.

My least favorite thing about the site is that it really does cost money if you want to message other members. This is the same as pretty much every other “free” site online, which means a lot of my reviews are deciding if there are enough free features to get enough of a feel for the site to decide if you want to pay for a membership or not and if the site and membership numbers are even worth it.

Dating for Seniors

Features and Activities

  • Home – This is the page you’ll land. It has all the things you’ll want to use. This is where you’ll find your notifications, chat alerts, members, search, inbox, and access to your dashboard for activities.
    • Mail – The Envelope shows an alert for you if there are new messages from the website or members. It also stores the messages you’ve sent to other people in case you want to go back and read them again.
    • New Members – See the newest members to join the site (really helpful for long-term members and people who are looking for a fresh face). You can send a Chat or Flirt to welcome them to the site or to make the first move. This is a great way to connect and get noticed, so long as you don’t use it to spam people or be a creep – people do get reputations on these sites and you don’t want to be brushed off!
    • Your New Matches – These are matches that DatingForSeniors suggests for you with the Smart Match tool.
  • Browse – Search for people on your own or click on the tabs to find:
    • New – New members.
    • Online – Members who are Online Now and Available. You can turn this on or off if you don’t want to be seen every time you log into the site.
    • Matches – Shows suggested Matches that the Smart Match tool finds for you.
    • VIP – You can see these members, but can’t connect with them if you aren’t a paid member.
    • Admirers – People who have Liked you.
    • Favorites – You Liked them, they Liked you back. (Time to connect!!)
    • Visitors – People who visit your profile.
    • Blocked – I really like this. I love online dating, but there are people I don’t want to interact with. If you change your mind, you can Unblock.


  • Profile – Edit your profile info here. Give as much or as little info as you want on your profile. If you are a private person, you don’t have to give a lot of details, but this is one of the areas Smart Match uses to gather info to show you relevant matches, so if this is not filled out, you are missing out on finding more compatible people.
  • Chat – Chat or Video Chat with other members if you have a VIP membership.
  • Inbox – View and send messages here.
  • Flirt – This is a feature that suggests a potential Flirt (match) and lets you send an instant chat. They post pics of the Top Flirts of the Week on the Home Page. Top Flirts are members who flirt the most on the site. This is another way to get seen on a site that has a lot of members competing for attention.


As I have stated above, you will be hard pressed to find a site that is Free for everything. Like most others, this one is free to get into and browse, but you really can’t date or find a match unless you pay. The six-month plan is the best deal. It saves money on dating and chat sites to pick the long membership plans, but they are also billed right away for the whole term. You can also pay by phone.

There are 3 Premium Upgrade Options:

1-month membership at $39.99/month

3-month membership at $29.99/month

6-month membership at $24.99/month


This is good Over 40 Online Dating Site. I have reviewed some that I have not really enjoyed, but this one was fun, active, lots of great pics and members, lots of interaction. Even logging in in the middle of the night was fun because there were lots of other insomniacs up chatting. The site also works well on my cell phone and wasn’t glitchy or slow.

My least favorite thing about the site is the way Memberships work. This is not a huge gripe since most are run exactly the same, but I feel the need to say it anyhow.

Overall, is a good site, IF you pay.