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  • Long signup form
  • Not totally free

Overview of HIV Positive Singles is an online dating site for HIV positive people and singles living with AIDS. It’s designed as a place to flirt, chat, video chat, and date in a safe and confidential environment. This site caters to HIV Positive Singles and Singles with AIDS without being exploitive or endangering safety and privacy, which is something to consider seriously when using a population-targeted site like this. I’d consider this a safe dating site for HIV positive people. Aside from the decent job they do with things like privacy, safety, and site security, they also have a site that looks great, is easy to use, and has really active and engaged members.

Apart from Site Security, one of my favorite features is the Smart Match tool they use to make the search and site more fun for members. They use your profile information like interests, preferences, and physical attributes, along with your search history and activity within the site, to learn more about what you’re looking for in a Flirt, Match, or Chat. This technology improves the dating experience quite a bit, and if your searches or interests change, the program adjusts to show you things you’re interested in now.

The biggest issue I have with this dating site is that it’s not fully free. Even if you buy a membership, you have to upgrade with a VIP Add-On to have full access to the features that make this site worth the money and time. The site can be slow sometimes, with a lower population of incoming members than on other dating sites, but with such a specific population, it’s not surprising. Offsetting the lack of constant new faces, there are almost always members Online Now to Chat with.

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Features and Activities has a lot of ways to interact and search. This is a big plus because a lot of sites only manage to get a few things right. This site gets the technology and social features down while maintaining a good design that’s easy to follow. That’s a pretty impressive combo, especially for a specialty niche.

Home – This is the default page when you log in. It’s got the features you’ll want to use when you’re on the site. You can see Members, Chat, Mail, Notifications, and Search. You can use the dashboard to switch between pages and narrow your searches.

    • Envelope or Mail – There’s a graphic of an envelope on the page that’s hard to miss. It shows notifications for new Messages, either from the site or other members. It will also store the messages you’ve sent to other users. The VIP Membership add gives you longer storage for your Chats, and the freedom to Chat or Message anyone onsite. As I said earlier, I don’t like the different membership levels (plus the add-on) but ultimately, the best deal with most perks is the VIP Upgrade. Without it, you won’t be able to communicate much.
    • New Members – See who’s new to the site.
    • Your New Matches – These are Matches that HIVPositiveSingles suggests for you based on your profile info, location, age, preferences, previous searches, and site activity.
  • Browse – Browse users by category or view people you’ve connected with. Choose from the buttons to see people who are:
    • New – Shows New Members.
    • Online – Shows members who are Online Now. There is an option to remain Offline if you’d rather play on the site without showing yourself or being interrupted.
    • Matches – Shows Matches the site determines based on the Smart Match Tool.
    • VIP – Shows VIP Members. You can view these pics and profiles, but can only interact with them if you have Upgraded to a VIP Membership, on top of the Paid Membership. If you aren’t a VIP Member, consider this section a teaser to try to get you to Upgrade to the VIP Package.
    • Admirers – People who have Liked your profile.
    • Favorites – People who have Liked you and you’ve Liked back.
    • Visitors – People who clicked on your full Profile to learn more.
    • Blocked – Use the Block feature for any member who is harassing you or making you uncomfortable (or any other reason, you may want to block people you know if you are not public with your HIV positive status or you are dating discreetly). This is a tool I love, especially that I don’t have to go searching for it. I like online dating, but there are people I don’t want to interact with more than once… or ever. If you change your mind, you can Unblock any time.
  • Profile – See your profile info and edit it as often as you want – the more current you keep your information, the more relevant you’ll be in Search results. The info in your profile helps the Smart Match Tool find you matches.
  • Chat – Chat or Video Chat with members. You can do this if you have paid for a membership, but even then, you can only Chat with VIPs if you are one. This is where they nail you down for the full membership because not being able to chat makes the site pretty pointless.

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  • Inbox – This is where your messages are stored (see above for details).
  • Flirt – This is a feature that suggests potential flirts for you and gives you opportunities to chat. The site keeps tabs on the Top Flirts of the Week. Those are members who’ve interacted and Flirted the most. This is kind of a reward for members who are really active on the site because being on the Home Page boosts your popularity and chances of being seen.


The free membership on gives you basic access to the site. You can search, browse, and read incoming messages. If you want to use the better features and get to know people, you have to up your membership. The structure for upgrading on this website is a little more complicated than some others I have used or reviewed.

If you plan to get a paid membership to the site, it’s best to suck it up and buy the VIP. There are so many tools you can’t use if you don’t upgrade, so going to a full VIP is the only membership that makes sense financially. Paying for a service you can’t use all the functions for just doesn’t make sense to me.

The six-month membership is the best deal, and even if you add the VIP plan, it ends up being less per month than the monthly plan (see below for a breakdown). However, while it saves a lot of cash to pick the longer plans, they get billed for the full term when you sign up, so it is a higher upfront cost.

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There are 3 Premium Upgrade Options:

1-month membership at $39.99/month

  • Add VIP $14.90/month = $54.89
  • Total due at signup = $54.89

3-month membership at $29.99/month

  • Add VIP $14.90/month = $44.89
  • Total due at signup = $134.67
  • Saves $10/month or $30 total

6-month membership at $24.99/month

  • Add VIP $14.90/month = $39.89
  • Total due at sign-up = $239.34
  • Saves $15/month or $90 total

Summary is a site I would be okay with paying for. The developers did a good job following through on the concepts for the features and tools. I have reviewed websites for HIV Positive dating and dating sites for people with AIDS in the past. Some of them are less thought out, less inclusive, lacking security, and a bit predatory. This site doesn’t feel like scammy or glitchy and it isn’t full of links out to other sites. They have a good system for reviewing and validating profiles, good site security, and the members are active.

My biggest critique of the site is the Membership options. I think those could be simpler or just include the VIP right off the bat.

Overall, is designed well, runs well, and is worth the money if you purchase the add-on. If the VIP add-on isn’t in your budget, I’d start with a one-month plan to see if you like the site, even with the limited benefits.