Casual Hookup Review

Overview of CasualHookup is a decent place to find a fast chat, local hookup, or live sex. The profiles are legit, the pics are XXX, and the mobile platform is easy to use. Free sign-up only takes a few steps, but one drawback is that viewing and interacting with other Premium Members requires you to buy a membership. There are options for cheaper memberships if you sign up for more than one month, but I think the one-month option is pricey. This is great for people who want to use the site for a few months, but if you are looking for a one-time hookup or chat, you would be better off on a different kind of site.

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Navigating the Features of CasualHookup

Home Tab: This is the hub where you can access the features you’ll use all the time. If the site overwhelms you, or you can’t remember where your matches, updates, or settings are, start here.

Search Tab: This tab lets you search members by age, location, online status, and whether or not they have photos.

Live Sex Tab: This tab is exactly what it sounds like – it links you to live webcams for instant online sex. This is a great feature for hookups, but the drawback is that it is an affiliate link, so don’t be surprised when a new tab opens.

Sexy Games Tab: This is another link to a partner site, but could be fun for people who like to play XXX games.

Rate Photos Tab: View tons of pics and rate them according to preference.

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Standard & Premium Memberships

This site offers a free membership that allows you to see the site and profiles. If you want to use the features that make this site worthwhile, you need to upgrade to a membership. This is a negative feature for some, but they do offer payment and membership options that many other sites don’t have. You can use a credit card or debit card or can trade in gift cards to other stores. This is a great option for members looking for total privacy. For me, the ability to use another payment method other than a credit card is a huge plus.

Pricing and Features

If you are only looking for one month to try the service out, you can choose the monthly billing option, but if you want the most bang for your buck, the six-month membership is a much better deal. One drawback of the monthly membership is the steep price, but a benefit is a lower upfront cost than the long-term membership plans.

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When you upgrade, you have three options:

Features of Premium Memberships

How to Search and View Profiles
Searching is a simple process. You can put in the location and age range you’re looking for and specify if you want someone with photos or who is Online Now. When you hover your cursor over a photo, a “Like Her” or “View” box will show up. If you want to Like the profile to view later, click on the heart icon. If you want to view immediately, click on the View button and it will take you away from the Search Tab to view the profile. I like this feature because I don’t have to leave the search page to save the profiles I want to see later. However, many of the profiles that are shown in search are premium members, so again, you can’t interact without paying. The picture previews are large and uncensored, so it’s easy to see the other members without having to click on each thumbnail image, so if you are just using the site to look at pics and not join, it’s a decent feature.

Help and Support
It’s easy to access the support and contact the site if you have any issues. If you click on Help at the very bottom of the screen, it will take you to a FAQ page that lists common questions and answers. If you can’t find the answer, you can contact the site support just by clicking on the button.

Be aware that if you do contact support for help with your account or site experience, they will ask for information to verify your identity. This protects you so that no one can contact them to try and access your profile, but, understandably, not everyone wants to give their info out to dating sites.


Casual Hookup is a good site for a fast hookup and for online hookups but be prepared to pay for the service if you want to actually interact with anyone and not just browse the members and pics. Not all sites are worth a monthly payment, but this is one that might be worth the price, particularly if you choose a longer plan than the one-month option. This site does also have ads and links out to partner sites, and that is a drawback for some and a positive feature for others. The ads and links out tend to work and link to fun sites, but for people who hate being taken on a ride to other sites, it can be really frustrating.